..the road i follow

..the road i follow

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

..time over matter

i have a lot of thoughts running through my mind right now (at work, ahaha) so, this may be scattered as i'm just going off the top here. no pre-planning, no outline, no pre-write..no nothing. haha

so, "time over matter". over and over again, we hear the words "mind over matter" and "there's a time&place for everything" well, i kind of combined the two and came up with "time over matter". because really, nothing dictates our lives more than time. and sometimes, we have to be patient and let time pass, in order to receive certain things. and if by that time, we hadn't received what we were looking/asking for then.....it wasn't our time!! where am i going with this? well...we shall all find out together...just.....give......it.......time hahaha 

my main reason for this blahg is the recent attacks on the LDS Church by the female group "ordained women". There's a news segment i seen this morning that made me realize that this group, while vocal in their actions, will in one way or another alter the way things are done in the church and also, will change the way people see the church altogether. here's the segment, (hope it works)


the "ordained women" group have been questioning women's roles in the church for quite some time. Now, after protesting, questioning and attacking the church and its leaders, the founder of this group is being held in "disciplinary court" and may face excommunication by way of apostasy. Apostasy, for those that may not be familiar with the term is defined, "When individuals or groups of people turn away from the principles of the gospel, they are in a state of apostasy. One example is the Great Apostasy, which occurred after the Savior established His Church. After the deaths of the Savior and His Apostles, men corrupted the principles of the gospel and made unauthorized changes in Church organization and priesthood ordinances."  In a way, this group, has turned away from the gospel and it's teachings, it has also led many others astray. While, this isn't the first attempt by someone and it won't be the last. I feel the leaders of the church are handling this well. This group of women, have been asking about the ordination of priesthood powers and want it to be available for the women in the church as well. what they should understand, is that the priesthood, IS AVAILABLE TO EVERY MEMBER! the priesthood power, is the authority to act in the name of God. However, while women are not "ordained" to the priesthood power, we still have full access to its power! And, if these women paid attention in the endowment session, we (men and women) are given the authority to "use" this power..so long as we are faithful in our doing. But, some people have (just as in old times) corrupted, misused and misunderstood this power they "want" so badly. and because of social media sites and the "right to have an opinion", this group and their "questions" have reached more people than they may have expected to reach. and quite possibly have gained the attention of those who may not understand the teachings of the church or the unique authority we hold. And because of that, we (as a church) will become victim to yet more and more persecution. it will be harder for our missionaries to talk to people about the wonderful blessings of the priesthood, if the question of "women and the priesthood" come up, not as an intriguing question..but as an accusation. Again, there is nothing wrong with "questioning" your beliefs, but what has happened here, is that these questions, rather than searching, praying and fasting for answers, have been taken to the "world". Joseph Smith had a question. He took it to the Lord. the Lord answered him and TAAAA-DAAAA here we are!! if this matter was prayed about, maybe the Lord has answered......that it is not our time!!

 another line that they crossed, was trying to obtain tickets to the general priesthood session during conference. as a female member of the church, have alwaaaaays wanted to know what they talk about in priesthood session, but one thing that is amazing about technology is that once conference is over...the sisters of the church have full access to every single talk given in priesthood session! so, there is no need to want to "be in the congregation"..really. leave that for the men, give them their space already!! ok, i guess that wasn't really "crossing the line"..but you know..there's a time and place for everything! and priesthood session is the time, set apart for the brethren of the church to address the other brethren of the church..to remind them of their priesthood duties, to kick them in the butt, to encourage them to be, do and become better than they already are!! again..there is a TIME for everything

the only being that KNOWS when and where, who and how things get done the church, or even in the world...is "he who knoweth all things..." the Lord! and..He speaks through His priesthood messenger, the Prophet, who, today is Thomas S. Monson. You cannot look at this man of God and think that he's evil or that he "doesn't know what he's doing". He is loving, kind and is like a "grand-father" figure to the church. he's been through a lot throughout his own lifetime, he has plenty of experience. I know that he is called of God to guide us, in these latter-days. I know that what he has to say on any matter, of the church or the world, that it comes through the spirit and more importantly through the Lord, for he holds ALL THE KEYS of the priesthood. imagine if EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE had ALL these keys..what madness would surface? i mean, there's already heaps of madness and corruption..but these keys, are not meant to be mishandled, and while they have been in years past, the prophet would never misuse these keys to get gain. 

so.."time over matter". i know that in time, this matter will pass. i only wish others used their agency wisely. used the scriptures to seek answers, sought to cry unto the Lord with their questions, i wish they would have an open heart to the teachings of this blessed gospel. how far we've come..but how much further we have left to go. we need each and every member of the Lord's kingdom to do the Lord's work. the Lord NEEDS YOU!! now..is YOUR time! now..is OUR time! what can we do to ensure that each member UNDERSTANDS this? 

"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good" alma 37:37

and from the Bible
"if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not, it shall be given him."

Sunday, January 19, 2014

..My Desire

Well, it's been awhile since my last "blahg", and if you remember how long the line was before, imagine how long the line is now!! you're right. it's actually gotten shorter haha probably due to the fact that I don't get on here as much, nor do I tend to make this a weekly ritual. But, have no fear, I have an arm full of spices and am ready to throw a dash and a pinch in for now..to keep the flavor brewing. so, here goes nothing....

first of all..before i start, let me just apologize for the lack of capitalization or any grammatical errors, i'm not really editing this and am too lazy to press the "shift" key in order to start a new sentence haha just be happy i have added periods and commas..so you can take a breath while reading my running thoughts haha here goes nothing.......again!

..my desire

for the past 18 months, I have been living in utah. I moved here with a desire to work, a desire to serve, a desire to grow, a desire to marry. All but one of these desires have been met (so far). Not that I couldn't find a job in california, not that I wasn't able to serve and grow either, but none of it was coming to me in a decent time frame. I applied for job after job after job. And in today's ever decreasing economy, my only option was to move. So, I did. 

I have had three jobs since living in utah and have been at my current job for a little over a year now. It isn't my "dream job", but I do love what I do. It is similar to a call-center, actually, it is a call-center. But the difference is that we deal with patients, rather than customers, like most centers. I am sort-of like an extension to the front desk of a hospital clinic. Patients "think" they're calling their doctor's office, but instead, they get me! I can help them with many things, schedule an appointment, refill their medications or simply put in a message to their doc for a referral. The catch is, these clinics are based in northern california. ha! yes, I moved to utah from california..now i'm working for a california company in utah! haha go firgure! but it is a very rewarding job...for the most part. anyway, that desire is crossed off the list. until i'm ready to find something else. 

My next desire was to find a ward to attend (to serve and grow), a ward that would meet my spiritual needs and one in which I could participate in. While there are two polynesian ysa wards in the salt lake valley, and after visiting both wards a few times, I chose not to attend either one of them. Instead, I chose a ward, closer to where I live, one that has fewer polynesians but is diverse in many other ways. I love my ward! My first calling was "Temple Prep" instructor, which I had for a year! I team taught with a male-member of the ward. It truly is one of my favorite callings. I love talking, teaching and testifying of the temple and all that it symbolizes and represents. I especially loved all the members who attended and all that they added to the lessons and was always so impressed by their examples and their desire to attend the temple. I was recently released from that calling and was called to be the first counselor in the relief society. I was never really a fan of relief society. but, with a willing heart, I accepted the opportunity to serve in a different capacity. so far, it has been a challenging calling. there is so much to plan, so much to do, so many sisters to visit..but, i welcome the challenge and am grateful for this time I have to "serve&grow". this desire is half way crossed off the list. haha

This next desire, has been on my list for quite sometime. My heart has had its episodes when it comes to the topic of marriage. I mean, who doesn't want to get married? Who doesn't have marriage as a top priority? Who doesn't want to "multiply and replenish" the earth? I for one want it all! *correction* I need it all!! I. know. this!! I have had a few friends, in their own loving way, remind me that I'm getting old and that I need to settle down and get married. All these friends, mind you, are single themselves! haha so, how then, is their constant reminder encouraging? it's not. but i have learned to roll with their punches and block them out. While the desire to marry is still a priority of mine, it has found its way to the bottom of my list, not crossed off, but circled..and i will explain why... 

there's a quote that I love: "to find the one, you must first BECOME the one". I have taken that to mean that I need to work on myself first, that I need to make sure I know my place, make sure I am grounded, that i am doing what i need to do. in a way...i have to be "selfish"...in a good way tho..? haha I believe I kind of accomplished that but it is constantly changing...i'm constantly changing. i mean..i know who i am..i have a testimony of the gospel..i can cook (kind of)..i have a job..i'm family oriented..i know what i have to offer, i just have to ball it all up and make it look some what "desirable". but also, i would hope that whoever finds these things appealing..comes with those same attributes. i have been on a total of ONE date..since living here in utah. it was a blind date. one that I have never forgotten, only because..again, my friends....(such influence these people..) anyway..there are times when you can tell "things won't work out". and, well..let's just say...i could tell!! the guy was nice, but our date was cut short because he had to go to work. we were suppose to go on a second date, but "something came up" and we never went. fine with me. i learned from that blind date.

 i'm really down to date, to get to know someone..the problem is...no one is asking! so, i take that as no one being interested in what i have to offer. i have had advice from numerous male-friends..telling me, "you just have to put yourself out there"...well, truth of the matter is...i am not desperate. let me explain that too..haha i don't have game, i don't know how to flirt...i can normally read people pretty well..i can tell which guys are "looking in my direction" and which ones aren't. more than 90% of the time..that's all they're doing..."looking"...i consider myself "approachable" so if any of them would step up and say something..i wouldn't turn them down..i wouldn't turn them away! maybe they're scared? intimidated? i don't know..and i probably never will. don't give me that "it's 2014..there's nothing wrong with asking a guy out"..because, i have been "asking guys out" since 2001 haha okay, okay..i haven't done it lately, but i was "friend-zoned" before the term was even coined!! it's not fun. i often hear men say "once i know a girl is into me..the chase is over". so, since no one is "chasing" me..i don't want to be the one "chasing him" if he wasn't interested in the first place! these are just a few reasons/examples why my desire to get married has been put on hold..for now. not to say that i don't want to get married..because I DO, but it'll happen when it happens...? i haven't given up on love. but we can just say...i'm taking a break? because i know that i still have things to work on...in becoming "the one"..so that in due time..i can attract the right one..at the right time! i will keep this as an "open-ended" conclusion..since it really is an "ongoing" matter..so, while the whole "marriage" desire is not crossed off, it will remain circled. 

with all of that nonsense said..i have a few new desires! including, but not limited to..reading more, writing more, eating less, spending less..and all that mess!! 

aaaaaaand that's all she blahg'd!! 


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

..knight in rusty armor

So, I was assigned to write a "reflective essay" about something I believe. This is what I submitted...

A Knight in Rusty Armor

I believe that a knight’s armor does not need to be shiny, as long as his heart is kept spotless. How can a knight keep his armor clean if he is expected to fight a dragon? Girls, women and princesses are always waiting for their “knight in shining armor”. I have come to realize that not everyone goes through the same battle. Therefore, not everyone will have a clean sword.
Being a single sister, I came across this thought in reflection of my current relationship status and also thought of friends who are in a similar situation as I.  All of these women are strong in the gospel, have testimonies of the Atonement, have served a full-time mission and are prepared, at the bare minimum, to be united with their eternal companion. However, numbers appear to be few and scarce, leaving my friends longing for someone to save them.  For example, with frustrations of waiting and searching to find one to love, my friend has then expressed that she has no desire to go out and date, believing that the Lord, with no effort on her part, will send ‘the one’ to her porch. While her intent to rely on the Lord is great, her lack of urgency to continue to search for a mate is extreme. Everyone needs to put in work. Her waiting may be in vain, if she is expecting a valiant man to enter the doors with unscratched armor.  
I believe that a man with armor will fight for his princess. So, I expect his shoes to have trodden through mud and dirt, picking up experiences and knowledge that will help him and his future wife.  What will then become of this fairytale Charming is a prince that is worthy of his princess as well as a couple ready for a happy life through all eternity. All the while, though his armor may be scratched or dented, his heart is therefore kept spotless. ***********

Monday, June 27, 2011

..blahg this!

..BLAHG!! i've had this account for quite a few years, followed a few friends who update their entries and share their life stories with the world wide web. But never felt the need to add sugar and spice. I decided to finally give in and dive into the boiling pot!! you see, while I enjoy reading all about your lives, day to day events, reflections and suggestions..i really love to write too!! and therefore, i'd like to add just a dash of my thoughts..but before i do....i just want to speak on this very thing i call "BLAHG!!"

yes, it's a term i just made up a few seconds ago regarding "blogs"..let me explain. have you ever been in a conversation that was interesting at first and as it goes on, your attention slowly slips and suddenly the only word your ear catches is "blahblahblah..."?? well, the same can be said about "BLAHGS". Most of the blogs i've read have been quite interesting, they have inspired me to get into the swing of things. But let this be a forewarning of what is to come.."BLAHG-ing". I can't guarantee that everything i say will stick permanently, hopefully it's appealing enough that you'd wanna take a lick and stick it on your arm..to later rub or wash off (like temporary tattoo..c'mooon get your minds out of the gutter!!)

Trust me, these blahgs of mine will be full of flavor and juice to keep you wanting more, but for now..enjoy waiting in the long line of unhappy customers as i continue to cook up a lil' sum'en for your appetites!!